A/B testing

Testing alternative content in push notifications to find out what performs best.

This document covers:

  • setting up a notification with A/B testing,
  • analysing results to find out what version performs best.

Setting up a notification with A/B testing

Setting up A/B testing is done on the compose form of the notification edition interface by adding variants to the notification content.

Variants allow you to specify an entirely different version of the notification. When creating a new variant, none of the original content is copied. Instead, you have to specify again all the fields that need a value.


Analyzing A/B test results

Once your notification is ready, you can send it. The notification detail page allows you to consult real-time analytics of your notification, including number of notifications sent and number of notifications clicked.

When you've set up A/B testing, you'll notice as well that a new control is present:

The variant selector above allows you to restrict analytics data to the variant you selected, thus allowing you to compare the performance of all versions.