All the settings of your project can be found in this section of the online dashboard.

Your project settings are dispatched among several sections:

  • Project settings where you can rename or delete your project,
  • Platforms lets your configure iOS, Android and Website push,
  • Pressure help avoid overwhelming users with push notifications
  • UTM Parameters lets you globally add utm_* (and other) query string parameters to your URLs
  • Web Plugins lets you add functionality to your website,
  • In-app settings lets you activate and deactivate in-app messaging,
  • API Credentials shows the credentials needed to authenticate with the API,
  • Staff lets you build a team of collaborators with different roles and views,
  • Security lets you configure 2FA requirements for your project or control API access by IP,
  • Views let you choose what part of your audience can staff members see and reach,

You can rename your project from any of these screens by clicking on the Edit button next to your project's name.