Creating segments

Create sub-groups of users based on criteria meaningful to your business.

Your own segments

Segments are sub-groups of your audience that meet criteria defined by you. These criteria can be based on data provided by WonderPush (such as language, operating system, etc.) or by you through Events, Tags and Properties.

Segments can be simple, like “Users that have an Android phone” or complex such as “Users that have an Android phone AND purchased trousers in the last 7 days”.

Creating and using segments

Segments can be created with the Segments creation page. To send a notification to one of your segments, use the Step 3. Target your audience of the Notification edition page or the REST API.

Setting up meaningful criteria

In order to set up meaningful criteria, you will have to add some code to your app/website to send Events, Tags and Properties.

For example, to create the segment “Users that have purchased trousers in the last 7 days”, you will need to add code that sends an event every time a user makes a purchase, and attach enough information to that event so you can spot trouser purchases.

What’s Next