Emojis 👍

How to add emojis to your push notifications

Emojis are much like emoticons, but emoji are pictures rather than typographic approximations. Some examples of the most popular emoji are 😂, 😃, 👉,👇,😉,🎉,🤔,👏,🚀,🔥,🎄, ✨ (discover thousands of emojis on emojipedia)

By using Emoji in your push notifications, you can:

  • shorten your push message while making it more impactful ("A picture paints a thousand words" according to Confusius.)
  • associate a positive emotion with your brand
  • allow the user to identify the theme or the benefit of your push at a glance

As a result, emojis paired with great content will generate more clicks and reengagement.

With WonderPush, you can very easily add emojis to your push notifications, either from the push notification editor or via the Management API.

Adding emojis using the push notification editor

Solution 1

  • Copy any standard emoji from emoji directories such as Getemoji or emojipedia
  • Paste emojis directly into the Title, Message or any text field of the notification, even into the button labels.

Solution 2

  • Chrome 68+: Right-click any text field and select "Emoji" or "Emoji & Symbols".
  • Windows: Press the Windows key + the period button to display Windows's emoji keyboard on Windows 10.
  • Mac OS: Press CTRL + CMD + Space to display the emoji keyboard and pick an emoji.

Adding emojis via the Management API

Copy the emojii of your choice, for example in this list and paste it directly into your API call.

curl -XPOST https://management-api.wonderpush.com/v1/deliveries?accessToken="YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN" \
       -d targetTags=happy_customer \
       -d notification='{"alert": {"text": "😂 Hello World!"}}'