Data Collected by SDKs

List of data collected by WonderPush SDKs.

Automatically collected

The following information is automatically collected for subscribed users. Please note that WonderPush does not collect any data for users that have not subscribed to push notifications.

The collection of information is made possible by storing an anonymised identifier on the client side. WonderPush does not set any cookie. For web push, client-side information is stored directly in IndexedDB.

Device properties

Here are the device properties WonderPush SDK automatically collects from your user’s devices.
Note that WonderPush does not collect the IP address the device / browser is visiting from.

WonderPush access tokenAutomatically
creation dateAutomatically
os versionAutomatically
device brandAutomatically
device modelAutomatically
languageAutomatically, can be overridden
countryAutomatically, can be overridden
timeZoneAutomatically, can be overridden
currencyAutomatically, can be overridden
screen width, height and densityAutomatically

Navigation events

Here are the navigation events WonderPush SDK automatically collects when your user is visiting your application or website.

Last OpenDate & time the user most recently visited your application or website.Automatically
Is OnlineWhether the user is currently visiting your application or website.Automatically

Geolocation data is automatically added on each event. It can be explicitly disabled or overridden.

Manually collected

Manually collected data includes: