Test users

Send push notifications and in-apps to your test devices to see your changes before everybody else

WonderPush lets you send push notifications and in-apps to test users of your choice, even as you are editing content. This process greatly simplifies testing your push or in-app content on your test devices and works like this:

  1. Define test users
  2. Send push notifications or in-apps to your test users.

Defining test users

Defining a test user can be done from every line representing an installation on our dashboard by clicking the Options menu and choosing Add test user:


Finding your own installation

Once WonderPush is installed on your website or mobile app, sending notification to your test device or browser requires finding your own installation.

To find your own installation you must first subscribe to notifications on your website or mobile app.

Once you've subscribed to push notifications, head over to the Test users segment available on the Segments page:


Then click the Add test users button:


On the Add test users page follow the wizard to find your installation in the list and choose "Add test user" as described above.

Sending push notifications and in-apps as you edit

Once you've added a test user, you can send push notifications and in-apps to this user, directly from the notification composition form:


And the in-app composition form: