Common issues and frequently asked questions about billing and pricing.

Is WonderPush a free service?

No, WonderPush is a paying platform that offers a free trial period of 14 days. During that time, you can use all the features for free and without filling any credit card.

What is your pricing model?

With WonderPush, you pay €1 per 1000 subscribers, per month.
A subscriber is a device that has opted-in to notifications. Subscribers are defined as unique device and app (or website) combinations, so the same device opted in to two different apps would count as two subscribers for your organization.
Unsubscribed devices do not factor into your subscriber counts.
All features are included and you benefit from evolutions without ever having to pay more. Rich formats, automation, realtime analytics, powerful segmentation, all starting €1 / month.

SubscribersPrice / month

What payment solutions are accepted?

WonderPush offers several payment solutions. Whatever the solution you choose, the payment is implemented by the secured payment service provider Stripe, who WonderPush entrusts with the storage of the Developer’s bank data to this end. WonderPush doesn’t store any bank data.

  • By credit card
  • By Google Pay
  • By Apple Pay
  • By bank transfer for major accounts customers

Where are my invoices?

Your invoices are located on the Invoices page. If you do not find invoices there, you do not have the necessary permissions. Only the person who filled in the credit card (i.e., the owner of the billing account) can view and download the invoices.

How do I change or configure my invoice's address?

The owner of the billing account can change or configure the address directly from the Invoices page. It is possible to change or configure the company name, the VAT number, the PO number and the email address to which future invoices will be sent.

How do I customize my invoices?

You can change the company name, the VAT number, the PO number from the Invoices page. Use the address field to enter any missing information like Tax ID. Any modification of the personalization information only takes effect for future invoices.

How do I update my credit card?

Just go to the Accounts page and click "Edit" next to your credit card details.

My payment was declined. What should I do?

If your credit card has failed, be sure to update it. We suspend sending notifications for accounts for which we have failed to collect the payment 3 times in a row.

What to do when the system reports an error when I enter my card?

When you enter your bank card, it may happen that your card is not accepted. The two most frequently encountered cases are:

  • a malfunction of 3D secure
  • an initial amount of 1 euro blocked by the bank

3D secure malfunction
The first time you fill in your card, your bank performs a verification step called 3D secure.
The purpose of this system is to ensure, during each online payment, that the card is used by its real holder.
In addition to the bank card number, the card expiration date and the three digits of the security code (printed on the back of the card), the user may therefore have to enter a dynamic single-use code, the most often sent by sms from the card holder's bank to the holder's phone number.
It is therefore imperative that 3D secure is activated on the side of your bank and that it has your mobile number.

An initial amount of 1 euro blocked by the bank
Some banking establishments assimilate an initial payment by very weak bank card to an attempted scam and therefore blocks the transaction. In this case, simply increase from the WonderPush interface the amount of the initial transaction. In general, 10 euros can fix this problem.


Sending notifications has been suspended, how do I reactivate it?

First of all, note that your account is not deactivated, only sending notifications is. During this time, your users can continue to subscribe to your notifications. Once all invoices are paid, your account is automatically reactivated and notifications can be sent again. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged on the day you signed up, and every time your balance exceeds €100. You can find that precise information on the Accounts page.

Can I pay for a year all at once?

Usually you are billed and debited on a monthly basis. However, if that's convenient for you, you can pre-charge your billing account when entering your billing information. The selected amount will be withdrawn immediately and turned into credits. Monthly, the amount of your invoicing of the month, will be debited from these credits until your balance reaches zero.


What will happen if I am unable to make the payment before my trial time is over? Will I lose the subscribers or data on WonderPush?

If at the end of the trial period, you do not enter your bank details or if the payment of invoices due is interrupted, then the sending of push notifications will be blocked for your project but your data (project, subscribers) will be kept for 90 days. Beyond this period, your data is automatically and completely deleted from our servers.