Setup a team of collaborators with roles and views.


Brevo Plus customer?

If your project is managed through Brevo, this staff section does not apply to you. The roles for your project is fully managed via the Brevo dashboard ("Users" section).

About staff members, views and roles

WonderPush lets you build a team of collaborators and give each of them an appropriate level of access to your project.

You can restrict what your collaborators can do by:

  • assigning them the right role,
  • optionally restrict the data they see to a segment of your audience called a View.

Views are described in detail in the next chapter.

Available roles are:

  • Viewer
  • Writer
  • Manager
  • Administrator

Access this page on your dashboard


This role grants complete read-only access to the Overview, Segments and Notifications sections of the online dashboard. User will have partial read-only access to the Configuration section, including the project's name, description, supported platforms and billing account name. This role does not give access to any credential such as API access token or Android client secret.


The writer role grants read-write-delete access to the Notifications section and read access identical to the Viewer role. Please note that the Writer can not fire manual notifications or activate automated notifications.


The manager role grants the same access as the Writer role, as well as the ability to send notifications and read-only access to the Staff member list.


The administrator role grants full project access except:

  • removing or editing the Owner staff member,
  • deleting the entire project.

Please note that it is not possible to restrict an administrator access to a particular view.


The owner of a project has full access to that project. It cannot be changed from the online dashboard and this role cannot be assigned to any other user than the one that initially created the project.

Inviting a collaborator

To invite a collaborator, you need to know his/her e-mail address. Click on the Invite a new staff member button:

And fill the new staff member form with the user's e-mail, role and optional view:

Pending invitations

If you have pending invitations, the Staff page will display a link to access them:

The list of pending invitations allows you to resend the invitation e-mail or cancel any invitation:

Staff member list

The staff member list is displayed when you have invited at least one collaborator. It allows you to update each member's role, view or delete it.

What’s Next