Troubleshooting React Native

Common issues on React Native.

I get Error: WonderPush native module not initialized

You have run the following commands:

npm install react-native-wonderpush --save
npm install react-native-wonderpush-fcm --save

but you probably forgot to run the following two:

react-native link react-native-wonderpush
react-native link react-native-wonderpush-fcm

Also, make sure you have ejected Expo and run using the native tools:

expo eject

Firebase fails to initialize. My installation is opt-out.

If you are using React Native Firebase ( and encounter one of the following errors:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Please set your project ID. A valid Firebase project ID is required to communicate with Firebase server APIs: It identifies your project with Google.
Could not get Firebase InstanceId FIS_AUTH_ERROR

You will temporarily need to downgrade a few components of Firebase until we devise a fix and release a new SDK version. As mentioned on, you will need to override the native Firebase SDK version.
Since React Native Firebase internally sets the versions of the native Firebase SDKs, you will need to override them for compativility with WonderPush.

Edit your android/app/build.gradle to add:

project.ext {
  set('react-native', [
    versions: [
      firebase: [
        // Override Firebase SDK Version for compatibility with WonderPush SDK v3.4.0 and earlier
        bom: "20.1.0",

If you have any further issue, do not hesitate to contact us by chat.