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Pressure management

Pressure management is an easy way to ensure you are not sending too many notifications to a given user.

Setting up pressure management

Pressure management is set up on a per-notification basis on the advanced tab of the notification edition interface.

To set up pressure management:

  • activate the Regulate sendings switch,
  • choose a category for your notification,
  • choose a maximum frequency.

Understanding the category and frequency

There are currently two available categories in WonderPush: marketing and news.

When you select a combination of category and frequency for a given push notification, here's what happens.

Say you selected the marketing category with a frequency of no more than once every 2 hours. When it's time to send this particular notification to a given user, our systems will discard the sending when a marketing notification has been sent to that user less than 2 hours ago.

To sum things up:

  • assign the same category to similar notifications that should not be sent too close to each other,
  • setup a frequency for each notification, send more frequently the most important ones.

Updated about a year ago

Pressure management

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