Upgrading to iOS SDK v4

Upgrade the version of the WonderPush SDK

If you're using CocoaPods integration

Edit your Podfile and change the version in the lines referencing the WonderPush and WonderPushExtension pods:

Replace this:

pod 'WonderPush', '~> 3.0' # ← Update the version here
# [...]
pod 'WonderPushExtension', '~> 3.0' # ← Update the version here

with that:

pod 'WonderPush', '~> 4.0' # ← Update the version here
# [...]
pod 'WonderPushExtension', '~> 4.0' # ← Update the version here

Then run:

pod install

If you're using the manual integration

  1. Open your Xcode project.
  2. Remove WonderPush.framework and WonderPushExtension.framework and choose "Move to trash".
  3. Repeat Step 4. Integrate WonderPush to your Xcode project in the Manual iOS integration guide.

If you're using the Carthage integration

Change your Cartfile to replace this:

github "wonderpush/wonderpush-ios-sdk" ~> 3.0.0

with that:

github "wonderpush/wonderpush-ios-sdk" ~> 4.0.0

And run:

carthage update

Changes to the Notification Service Extension

Provide your clientId and clientSecret to your Notification Service Extension. Find your WonderPushNotificationServiceExtension/NotificationService.swift file and override the following two methods:

import WonderPushExtension

class NotificationService: WPNotificationServiceExtension {

    override class func clientId() -> String {
        return "YOUR_CLIENT_ID"

    override class func clientSecret() -> String {
        return "YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET"

#import "NotificationService.h"

@implementation NotificationService

+ (NSString *)clientId {
    return @"YOUR_CLIENT_ID";


+ (NSString *)clientSecret {
    return @"YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET";


Make sure to give the same values as in your AppDelegate.

Remove calls to deprecated APIs

Remove any calls to isReady: and subscriptions to the WP_NOTIFICATION_INITIALIZED NSNotification.
You do not need to wait to use WonderPush.


You're done!