Troubleshooting Cordova

Common issues on Cordova.


Activate logging when troubleshooting

You can activate WonderPush logs by simply calling WonderPush.setLogging(true).

Our logs report pretty much the entire activity of our SDK. They are all prefixed with [WonderPush] so they're easy to filter in and out.

Don't forget to turn them off in your release build.

Automatic signing and provisioning profile errors

If you run into the following error:

Provisioning profile "XXX" has app ID "YYY", which does not match the bundle ID "YYY.WonderPushNotificationServiceExtension".

We recommend using Cordova's build.json file to configure automatic provisioning using "automaticProvisioning": true under both ios.debug and ios.release.
This will help you avoid inappropriate provisioning profile for the Notification Service Extension, especially with your CI/CD automated build tools.

If you've already added the SDK to your app and still get an error, delete your platforms/ios folder and run cordova prepare ios to recreate it.