Step-by-step instructions to migrate your website to WonderPush

Already have a push provider? Migrating to WonderPush is easy: all you have to do is add WonderPush to your website.

Users that visit your site will be reachable via WonderPush and the others via your existing provider so you can push on both services until enough users have migrated to WonderPush.


We've put together specific instructions for OneSignal users, Batch users and Accengage users.

This guide will help you remove your existing push provider from your website and add WonderPush.


Different push providers expect different push notification formats, so importing your push tokens into WonderPush is not very useful. Instead, just let users visit the new version of your website and automatically migrate to WonderPush.

Shipping WonderPush in a new version of your website

Step 1. Removing your existing provider SDK code

Remove your existing provider's SDK initialization code that you added when you followed their setup guide.

Remove any Javascript code that calls your existing provider's SDK and replace it with its WonderPush equivalent (see our Website SDK reference).

Step 2. Add WonderPush

Follow our Website Quickstart guide to add WonderPush to your website.


That's it!

Once you've got WonderPush on your website, users that visit your site and have already granted the push notification permission will automatically appear in your WonderPush dashboard.