Progressive Web Apps

Specific considerations for PWA

Integrate the WonderPush SDK

For starters, you will need to follow the regular guide to integrate the WonderPush SDK in your code.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

For a detailed answer, you can refer to this MDN article, we will only outline a few points here.

Progressive Web Apps are like regular websites, with a few technical peculiarities, powered by the browser, that displays it in a way that ressembles a native desktop or mobile application.

This means that, unlike classic mobile applications powered by a WebView that do not support the Web Push API, a PWA is just like a regular website!

Here are two points of attention when you are integrating WonderPush to your PWA:

  1. Make sure your manifest is correct for iOS devices
  2. Make sure WonderPush is properly integrated with your Service Worker

Checking your PWA manifest

Every PWA must have a Web Manifest in order to transform from a regular website into a Progressive Web Application.

Make sure to set display: "standalone" or display: "fullscreen" in your manifest.

With any other lesser value, iOS devices will not support push notifications.

You can refer to the iOS web push article for more information.

Checking your Service Worker integration

PWAs typically use a Service Worker in order to have proper support for offline mode.

Simply follow the steps in the Service Worker Integration article.