URL-based automation

Send push notifications automatically after subscribers visits certain URLs of your website


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What is URL-based automation?

URL-based automation allows you to automatically re-engage your subscribers with targeted notifications depending on the URLs they just visited on your website, without requiring additional tagging of your web pages.

For example, you can:

  • retarget a subscriber with a push notification whose content is related to the section of your website that he has just visited,
  • send a thank you notification when the subscriber has finished filling out a form,
  • send a notification to ask the subscriber if they want more content like the one they just visited

How does URL-based automation work?

Setting up URL-based automation is easy. In the push notification editor, choose the trigger After a subscriber visits a url, and specify the patterns or words that the visited URL must contain for the notification is triggered:


Optionally you can specify:

  • A delay after which the notification is sent.
  • One or more cancellation URL. When a cancellation URL is matched after the trigger URL and before the delay runs out, the notification is cancelled and the subscriber will not receive it.

Example: a notification to invite the subscriber to follow a category.

In this example, we send a notification 15 minutes after users read articles whose urls contain keywords related to a topic (e.g.: football) and invite them to follow the relevant category in the future.

First, create a new notification with a message presenting the benefit of subscribing to the topic and fill the Add tags field with the topic you want (e.g.: football).


Second, exclude from the segmentation the subscribers who have already subscribed to the category (ie users who already have the tag "football").


Choose to send the push Automatically, When a subscriber visits a URL:


Give your campaign a name, enter the keywords which, if they are found in the url of the web pages visited, should trigger the notification. Choose 15 minutes or any other delay you find appropriate.
Next, make sure you choose an appropriate pressure category so that you don't over-solicit the user every time they visit a page that matches your keywords.

Hit save and activate your notification.


That's it, your subscribers who visit the pages of your choice and click on your notification will be automatically tagged so you can easily target them in the future with appropriate content.