Accengage Cordova apps

Step-by-step instructions to migrate your Accengage Cordova app to WonderPush


Migrating to WonderPush is easy, in most cases all you have to do is add WonderPush to your app and publish a new version to the AppStore.
When users install the new version, they will automatically be added to WonderPush.

This guide will help you remove Accengage from your app and add WonderPush.

Step 1. Removing your the Accengage Cordova plugin

In a terminal at the root of your project, type:

cordova plugin remove com.bma4s.sdk.plugins.cordova

Step 2. Remove Accengage code

In the www folder of your cordova app, identify and remove all the code related to Accengage.

For example, remove such entries:


Step 3. Add WonderPush

Follow our Cordova Quickstart to add WonderPush to your app.


That's it, test and publish this new version of your app and watch your users automatically migrate to WonderPush as they install it.