Soft opt-out

WonderPush lets users opt-out without revoking the push permission.

Push notifications often require a permission to be given by users. While users can give you the permission to contact them via push notification, they can also withdraw that permission directly from the settings of their mobile device or browser.

Depending on the device or browser they are using, obtaining the permission again can be tedious or even impossible.

For this reason, we introduced the concept of Soft opt-out. Soft opt-out allows users to unsubscribe from push notifications without altering the push permission.

It makes subscribing again very easy.

In order to take advantage of Soft opt-out, you need to expose some kind of user interface that lets users opt-out. Once a user soft opted-out, WonderPush will not sent him/her anymore notifications.

Setting up a Soft opt-out user interface

If you are using our Website SDK, the subscription switch widget lets users unsubscribe with Soft opt-out.

Otherwise, it is your responsibility to come up with an unsubscription UI. It can be as simple as a link or button.

To soft opt-out a user:

window.WonderPush = window.WonderPush || [];
WonderPush.push(function() {
[WonderPush unsubscribeFromNotifications];