WooCommerce Push Notifications

How to set up WonderPush Web Push notifications your WooCommerce WordPress website

Automate web push abandoned cart reminder on WooCommerce

Setting up push notifications for your WooCommerce website is easy. Web push notifications are the ideal solution to re-engage users and bring them back to your website.

Estimated setup time: 10 minutes.

If you haven't already, sign up for a free account on wonderpush.com.


This guide is for WooCommerce WordPress websites. For other websites, follow the Guide about Push notifications for Website

Before we start: create your project

Click on New Project:

Choose a name for your project and select Website as a platform then click Create:


Already have a project?

Just add the Website platform to any existing project by going to Settings, selecting the first tab named after your project and clicking Edit. You'll be presented a form that lets you add a platform.

Step 1. Fill-in website info

Choose WooCommerce as your setup type:


Then fill in your website information:


Site name
Enter the name of your website. This name might be displayed when users subscribe to push notifications.

Site URL
Enter the base URL of your site (e.g. https://example.com). This will be the default URL users will be redirected to when they click on a notification.
If your site is accessible from both www. and non-www. URLs (e.g. example.com and www.example.com) we recommend you redirect traffic to one of the URLs and use that to fill-in the URL field.

Enter Icon
Enter the URL to your website icon or choose a file from your computer. Your website icon will be displayed in notifications. It should be a square image file. Prefer HTTPS.

My site doesn't have HTTPS
If your site doesn't have HTTPS, check this box. Please note that HTTPS certificates are FREE these days, and very easy to install. Take a look at let's encrypt.

HTTPS is required for push notifications to work, and fortunately WonderPush can provide you with a free HTTPS enabled domain.

Choose an HTTPS notification domain.


About the push notification domain

Your push notification domain will be displayed in every notification you send:

In this example, the notification domain is mywebsite.by.wonderpush.com.
When users subscribe to push notifications, they grant your domain the permission to send them push notifications. When you change the push notification domain, users have to subscribe again!

For these reasons, it is especially important to choose the right push notification domain from the start.

Using your own domain

This is the best option. It is only available for HTTPS websites. If your website does not support HTTPS, use .by.wonderpush.com.

Using a by.wonderpush.com subdomain

If your site does not support HTTPS, that's your only option.

Step 2. Configure subscription prompts

In this section, you can configure subscription prompts for your website. Subscription prompts are ready-made user-interfaces you can use to let users subscribe to push notifications.

To activate a subscription prompt, simply click the switch in front of its name so that it shows as ON. To customize it, click on Customize.


You can find out more about subscription prompts in our dedicated guide.

Step 3. Install our WordPress plugin

In your WordPress admin, go to Plugins / Add new and search for WonderPush in the plugins search engine:


Click Install Now to install the WonderPush plugin, then click Activate to activate it:


Locate your Access token in the WonderPush dashboard (Settings / API Credentials) and copy-paste it into the WonderPush WordPress plugin configuration page:


Receive your first push!

Head over to your WooCommerce website and refresh the page until you see the subscription dialog and click the Subscribe button:

Wait a couple of minutes and receive the default welcome notification:


Congratulations, you're done!

Bonus: setup a cart reminder

A cart reminder automatically sends push notifications to users that leave without buying the contents of their shopping cart.

To setup a cart reminder, go to your WordPress admin in the WonderPush section and make sure Cart reminder is checked:


Go to your WonderPush dashboard and make sure the Cart reminder notification is active:



If you can't find the cart reminder notification, because you've deleted it or because your project was created before Sept 1st 2019, you can still create it yourself.


That's it! Users that add something to their cart and leave your WooCommerce site without buying will receive a notification after 30 minutes.


In the WonderPush section of your WordPress admin, you can fine tune your cart reminder:

  • choose what product appears in the push notification title: the latest, the cheapest or the most expensive
  • choose where to take the user on click over the notification: your homepage, the shopping cart or the checkout
  • customize the cart reminder message
  • choose to include the product image in the notification.


Please note that if you have our WooCommerce plugin, we recommend you do not active our e-commerce web plugin, as our WooCommerce plugin already adds all the functionality.

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