Get detailed usage reports through the REST API

Notifications sent through the REST API are not accounted for in the online dashboard analytics unless you specify a campaignId parameter. See the Sending notifications guide for more details.

You can use our REST API to get detailed metrics for each of your campaigns using the /stats/events endpoint.

For example, if you wish to get the number of notifications sent and clicked in the last 30 days, you can use the interval parameters like this:

curl -XGET ""

There is a complete reference of the available parameters in the REST API reference

The output is a JSON dictionary with a data parameter that contains an array with one entry for each day or hour, depending on the resolution you've specified (days by default):

  "data": [
      "campaignId": "@ALL",
      "date": 1621987200000,
      "dateISO8601": "2021-05-26T00:00:00.000+00:00",
      "campaignName": "@ALL",
      "counters": [
          "count": 123,
          "type": "@NOTIFICATION_SENT"

Each item in the data array has date and dateISO8601 properties that reflect the beginning of the corresponding sample.

The campaignId and campaignName properties reflect the corresponding campaign, @ALL being a special constant that means "All campaigns".

The counters property is an array of data points, each with at least a count and a type, the type describing the event for this data point. @NOTIFICATION_SENT stands for the number of notifications sent, @NOTIFICATION_OPENED stands for the number of notifications clicked, etc. The complete reference of built-in events is available here .

Some counters specify a platform, in which case the data point is specific to that platform, other don't, meaning the data-point is an aggregate of all platforms.


The REST API lets you download usage data in an easy-to-consume format. See the [API reference] for a complete reference.