List, create and edit in-apps directly from the online dashboard.

In-apps page

The In-apps page displays a list of all in-apps configured for your Project.

Access this page on your dashboard

Each in-app campaign comes with a set of controls allowing you to activate, edit, duplicate and delete it:

Clicking on the in-app title takes you to the in-app detail page.

When the in-app has been showed and clicked, its row displays a summary containing In-apps viewed, In-apps clicks:

In-app detail page

The in-app detail page contains all the information related to a campaign:

  • its general information (identifier, name, segment)
  • a set of controls to activate, edit and delete the in-app,
  • a preview of the in-app content,
  • detailed metrics including a summary, a graph and a table.

The metrics section of the in-app page is similar to the metrics section of the overview page except all metrics are limited to that in-app. To fully understand these metrics, be sure to read the metrics documentation of the Overview page.

Create / edit in-app page

The in-app creation and edition page can be reached through the controls of the In-apps page and In-app detail page.

Composing in-apps is described in detail in this guide.