Pre-configured segments

WonderPush provides out-of-the-box segments you can use to send relevant notifications

Pre-configured segments are available out-of-the-box and listed on the Segments page. To send a notification to a predefined segment, use the Step 3. Target your audience of the Notification edition page or the REST API.

All users

This is the most basic segment. It contains every single user in your audience. Use it to send broadcast notifications and important announcements to your entire audience.

Use this segment sparingly: broadcast notifications tend to generate more un-subscriptions than targeted notifications.

Test users

This is the segment that you will probably use the most often. It contains the installations of your choice, probably your own devices, and is the target segment when using the "Preview on test users" functionality.
Read more about how to use the Preview on test users feature


Contains all users currently browsing your website or using your app. Use it to send maintenance notifications.

30-day dormants

This segment contains users who have not visited at all your app or website in the last 30 days. Use it to re-engage users who have left and not returned.

New subscribers

Users that signed up to push notifications in the last 24 hours. Use it to send welcome notifications.

7-day active

Users who have visited your app or website in the last 7 days.

4-weeks not notified

Subscribers that you forgot to push since 4 weeks. Use it before they forget you for good.

Subscribers of the iOS / Android / Web platform

Depending on what platform you've configured for your project, you will see some or all of these segments:

  • Users of the iOS platform,
  • Users of the Android platform,
  • Users of the Web platform.


Installations that WonderPush thinks are definitely unreachable, like lost or factory-reset devices, uninstalled apps, etc.
Read more about how to use the Phantoms segment

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