In-app messaging for websites

In-App messaging overview for website owners


In-app messaging is also available for mobile apps

Engage your visitors with beautiful, highly customizable and targeted in-app messages

In-apps are banners, dialogs or modals that any user can receive when they are browsing your website. Even those who are not subscribed to push.

Setting up an in-app message is easy and requires no coding skills at all.

Getting started


Setup Web Push Notifications to get started with in-app messaging.

Have you already setup web push? Congratulations, you're done!


In-app messaging is FREE when you run a single in-app.

To get unlimited simultaneous in-apps, unlimited views and clicks, you pay €0.3 / 1,000 monthly unique visitors of your website.

For example, if your website has 10,000 monthly unique visitors, you'll pay €3 each month, with unlimited active in-apps, views and clicks.


Do you have more than 1 million monthly unique visitors?

See our pricing page for more detail about price tiers.

Browser Support

In-app messaging lets you reach the entire audience of your website.


Windows PC



iOS (iPhone, iPad)




Microsoft Edge




Monitor the performance of your in-app messages in real-time directly from your WonderPush dashboard:

  • In-app views represent the number of times your in-app message(s) was seen,
  • In-app clicks are the number of times users clicked on an in-app message,
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) represents the proportion of in-app messages that generated a click.

All these metrics are good performance indicators and are available by campaign and globally for your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an in-app?
See Composing in-app messages for detailed step-by-step instructions.

How can I test my in-app?
See our Test users feature.

What are the differences between push notifications and in-app messages?
Push notifications let you reach users while they're away from your site. They are a re-engagement tool.

In-app messages let you reach users while they are actively browsing your site. They are an engagement tool which complements push notifications perfectly.

Can I combine push notifications and in-app messages?
Yes! Push notifications and in-app messages are complementary, and share a great deal of their Segmentation and targeting capabilities so it's easy to target the same users with both push and in-app.