Handling popup clicks

You can execute different kind of actions whenever a popup is clicked


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Whenever an in-app is clicked, you can execute actions such as follow a link or add segmentation elements to the current user like tags. In this guide we take you through the different options available.

Following a link

In-app buttons, as well as banners and image-only in-apps can follow a link when clicked / tapped:

  • choose Link as the action
  • enter a valid URL in the URL field.

Specifying no action to create a dismiss button

When no action nor link URL is specified, tapping the button (or banner, or image-only in-app) simply dismisses the in-app.


Please note that dismiss button clicks are not counted in the In-app clicks of your reports.

Executing more than one action

You can attach several actions to in-app button, banners and image-only in-apps. To add more actions, click the plus sign button:


Available actions

You can execute the following actions:

  • Link: follow the specified URL
  • Track event: track an Event
  • Subscribe to push notifications: triggers the push permission dialog
  • Set property: setting the a property according to the specified name and value
  • Set tag: setting the specified tag on the current user
  • Remove property: remove the specified property
  • Remove tag: remove the specified tag
  • Remove all tags: remove all tags